As a Missionary Baptist Church, it is imperative that we do not lose our evangelistic influence on the world in which we find ourselves. This church is not in any way, nor in any stretch of one's imagination, to be allowed to become a secular social station rather than a soul-saving station.

The ideas, concepts and principles that govern secular organizations are not always the best for directing the accomplishment of the church's mission. For it is God's intent for the church to set the pace for the world rather than have the world set the pace for the church.

This church, not being governed by the ways of the world, is a God worshiping church, a learning church, a soul-winning church and an every member tither church.

WORSHIPING - Every member seeking fellowship with God in spirit and in the truth by way of praying and praising.

LEARNING - Every member committed to studying God's word in Bible Study and Church Sunday School.

SOUL-WINNING - Each member is to show his Christian duty by applying the EACH ONE REACH ONE principle. Each member is to show his love for God by touching the untouched and reaching the unreachable.

TITHING MEMBER - God's way of financing the work of his kingdom is through tithes. Every member is to work to become a ten percent tither.